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Jiangsu Hengdeli Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the member units of Industrial enamel branch of China Glass Lining Association, located in Jingjiang City, the southern gate of Jiangsu Province, and the land and water transportation is very convenient.The company has a fast and efficient team full of combat effectiveness and cohesion.The company has established a set of stable and reliable quality system and practical "Quality Assurance Manual" and has the production site, processing equipment, technical strength and testing means suitable for manufacturing products. 

Products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, civil and other industries.

Floor space:The company covers an area of 65000 square meters with the building area of 51000 square meters, which includes workshop area up to 39000 square meters.

Personnel status:350 employees, including 25 engineering technicians (accounting for 19% of the total number of employees),and 60 licensed pressure vessel welders.

Main products:glass-lined equipment, pressure vessels in category I, II and III, chemical machinery, stainless steel and special material non-standard equipment.

CmK: 60 square meters of X-ray exposure room and its supporting operation room, darkroom, film evaluation room, Film viewing room, primary and secondary welding material warehouse, welding laboratory, special area for Mpa test, physical and chemical lab., as well as lifting, cold working, welding, forming (pressure jacking hole) inspection equipment matched with pressure vessels. The total investment of equipment is 80 million RMB.

Major production machinery list: 4 50T*24M double-beam cranes, 10 20T double-beam cranes, 2 5T×16.5m double-beam cranes, 2 10T outdoor ground cranes, 4 forklifts, 2 sets of 2000×22mm, 3000×2500 plate rolling machine, submerged arc welding machine 20 sets, AC, DC electrode arc welding machine 50 sets, 2505, 3005 type X-ray flaw detection machine 8 sets, and other gold processing equipment 50 sets.

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Our competitive edgeis to ensure your products are created on spec, on budget and on time every time to meet your changing needs. Currently over 80% of our business is for MNCs in China or export to overseas customers.


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