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K type glass lined reactor

Product Details:

Part Name : K type glass lined reactor

Product Introduction

Glass lining has the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength. It is an excellent corrosion resistant chemical equipment. It has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, smooth appearance, insulation, heat resistance, wear-resistant and other reliable performance. Glass lined equipment, such as glass lined reactors, are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, dye and other industrial processes. Glass lined reactor are the most ideal equipment for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, mixing and emulsification.

Introduction:Then Open glass lined reactor is containing high silica glass lined glaze spraying on the surface of the steel container, by high temperature burning process reasonable and firm adherence to the surface of the metal into composite material products, the tank cover glass lined reactor can be separated and tank, is arranged between the sealing gasket through the clip after a circle fixed. Easy to use and maintain.
Other name: Open Type Glass Lined Reactors
Capacity: 50L---10000L. Hengdeli also offers customization of non standard glass lined storage tanks to customers' specifications.
Designed pressure of vessel: ~0.4MPa
Designed pressure of jacket: 0.6MPa
Design temperature: -19~200℃
Mixer type: Impeller type,anchor type,frame type,turbine type
Medium: Organic acid, inorganic acid, organic solvent and weak alkali(except hydrofluoric acid,medium which content fluoric-ion,strong alkali which PH>12, and phosphoric acid which concentration>30% with temperature over 180℃)

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